Siphon Paper Filter Holder

SKU: F-103MN

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Siphon paper filter compatible with HARIO coffee siphons.
The holder includes 50 siphon paper filters.

Compatible with:
  • TCA-2, TCA-3, TCA-5
  • MCA-3, MCA-5
  • NCA-3
  • KCA-2BU, KCA-3BU
  • DCA-3
  • HTF-2W
  • SCA-5
  • HCAF-2

  • CF-103E siphon filter paper

     Product information
    ARTICLE NO.: F-103MN
    SIZE (box): W122 x L136 x H32mm
    Item diameter Φ58mm
    WEIGHT (incl. box): 35g
    MATERIALS: Metal Filter: Stainless Steel
    Filters: Paper
    CARTON SIZE: W405 x L333 x H182mm
    CARTON WEIGHT: 2600g
    RRP: €17,50 (Excl. VAT)

    Made in Japan.

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