Coffee Siphon Technica, 3 cups


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Make the perfect cup of coffee and look great doing it.

Take a moment in your busy day or week to calm down and enjoy the process of brewing your coffee with the HARIO Coffee Siphon Technica. These siphons not only consistently make delicious coffee, but also provide a visual spectacle, with the coffee moving up and down through the two glass bowls as it is brewed.

The very first coffee-related product released commercially by HARIO, back in 1948, was actually a coffee siphon. In the years since then we have refined our designs into the current selection of siphons, which allow you brew your favourite coffee, and look great in your home as well.

What is in the box?

Besides the siphon itself, the HARIO Coffee Siphon Technica box includes an alcohol burner, a measuring spoon and a cloth filter and filter holder.

 Product information
COLOUR:  Black
SIZE (Box): W145 x L370 x H140mm
CAPACITY: 3 cups
WEIGHT (Incl. box): Approx. 1,300g
MATERIALS: Upper bowl, Lower bowl, Alcohol burner: Heatproof glass
Packing: Silicone rubber
Fastener: Brass
Stand: Stainless steel, Iron, Zinc alloy, Phenol resin
Burner cover, Filter: Stainless steel
Windbreak: Aluminium
Alcohol lamp holder, Cover, Upper bowl stand, Measuring spoon: Polypropylene
CARTON SIZE:  W588 x L455 x H388mm
RRP: €112 (Excl. VAT)


Made in Japan.
NB: Only the upper bowl, lower bowl and lid are dishwasher safe.

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